About Us

Taylor Learning Center (TLC) is a licensed Baltimore County child care center for students between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years old. We use vigorous/hands-on curricula that is approved by MSDE as well as supplemental classroom materials and technology. Our mission is to provide an interactive, child-centered approach to learning. The learning experience that we provide will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual child. Desiree Taylor, TLC's owner/director, is passionate about the education of children and has been educating children for over 10 years. 

Our Philosophy 

We believe that all children are unique and special; therefore, they need an educational program that values their uniqueness. Our program does that by incorporating our student's interests into the learning experience and making sure all their needs are met.  Additionally, as the parents are a child's first teacher, we believe that having a partnership with the family is equally essential to maintaining a successful learning environment.

It is important that our students have everything they need to be successful learners. Therefore, we are committed to equipping our staff and parents with the resources they need to provide a safe, nurturing and productive learning environment for each child. As a team we will work together to address any missing components in each child's education.